New Mac Lethal Video: Mac Goes Hard Over Goyte’s “Somebody That I Used To Know”

by mitchbrown7

I was overjoyed when I watched this on my Facebook feed this morning. It’s none other than Mac Lethal spitting fire over a Goyte instrumental. Mac actually lets his fans vote via Facebook on what beat should be used for these videos. A truly talented MC can flow over ANY beat. Google Crooked i-Fireflies for another prime example, a West Coast rapper who was once signed to Death Row records rapping over an Owl City instrumental!

Mac Lethal is more than just the dude who did the pancakes video, but in the era of the viral video, these videos allow his name to reach people who otherwise wouldn’t have known about him. Me, I’ve being listening to Mac Lethal for awhile now. I bought the 11:11 album a few months after it came out. The speed of his delivery on this is jaw- dropping; it’s right up there with Tech N9ne and Twista. The bulk of this freestyle is about the difference between “your” and “you’re” This is something every English major, or just anyone who possesses even the most rudimentary grammar skills, can get behind. Check it out. Mac Lethal is the shit.