Random Thoughts Vol.1: Opinions And Stupid Questions

by mitchbrown7

Being opinionated is no great crime when one’s opinions are based on reason, logic, and rational thought. Something that really irks me is when people use the “just an opinion” defense, and I’ve noticed it’s double pronged in the way it’s commonly used. One use is when someone gets huffy and says something that’s total bullshit and then remarks “THAT’S MY OPINION,” as if by saying that phrase creates an impenetrable force field around the bullshit they are espousing. It’s as if those who say this believe that their “opinion” should not, and can not, be subjected to analysis or criticism.

These are the same type of fucktards who often state “that’s the way I was raised” as a justification for bullshit beliefs and actions. When I hear “that’s the way I was raised,” I hear someone who is unable to construct a legitimate defense for their beliefs, so they just recite a bullshit line.( as a knee jerk reaction) It’s such a cliché and sounds so stupid. Just typing it, I imagine it being said in a redneck accent. Someone could have been raised in the Ku Klux Klan or raised to believe that incest is ok; it doesn’t change that it’s bullshit. If someone says stupid bullshit in my presence, and I am able to, I will not just say they are on bullshit; I will prove they have said something stupid. I will debunk and deflate the retarded statement they have made, and in the process make them look stupid, but it’s not hard to make a stupid person look stupid.

The other end of the spectrum is when people say “it’s just an opinion” in an attempt to discredit something they disagree with. It could very well be a valid statement, but it doesn’t coincide with their own beliefs, and they are not capable of deflating said opinion, so they will resort to regurgitating “it’s just an opinion.” I once worked with a redneck supervisor who would always want to debate with me. He was always the one who would initiate the conversation, most commonly about issues of race, religion, and politics.

He was a piss-poor debater. Most of his arguments were rife with inconsistencies. Like a typical talk-radio fan, the majority of his arguments were not based on logic; he would simply parrot what his revered right-wing icons would say. One day he said Muslims are the only religious people who kill in the name of their faith. I then asked “Have you ever heard of Paul Hill?” Paul Hill,a Christian, was the first known abortion doctor killer. In Sarasota, Florida, In 1994, he gunned down an unarmed doctor. My boss replied “Have you ever heard of Jeremiah Wright?” Jeremiah Wright has nothing to do with the original topic, the one he had brought up. We were talking about murder in the name of religion, which is a sickness that is not exclusivity relegated to Islam. (OPEN UP A HISTORY BOOK) Furthermore, Jeremiah Wright is a Christian, and he was never accused or convicted of murder; Paul Hill was, and he was eventually sentenced to death for it.

The supervisor I was working for could never admit when he was wrong or misinformed. I’m far more educated than he is, so it was easy to best him in these conversations. One day, I guess after realizing he was not my intellectual equal and that I’m more book smart than he could ever hope to be, he attempts to discredit me by saying “a book is just someone else’s opinion.” I was shocked. It felt like he was trying to imply that he knew more by knowing less, like all of my fancy highfalutin’ book learning was somehow null and void because it was “book learning.” Conversing with him was like talking to a member of the Flat Earth Society. How do you expect to become informed about the world if you are not willing to read? , and I wonder if he views his Bible as “just someone else’s opinion?”

Not all opinions are equal and have equal merit. The opinion of an educated ,informed individual is more substantive than that of an uninformed dumbass.

  • Sometimes I think I should be even more unfiltered with people. For instance, at a job I used to work, this old lady, a co-worker asked me “where are your parents?” I thought what a stupid question.

    This is a woman who neither I nor my parents have any connection to. She is not a family friend. I thought about the typical motivation behind asking such a question. Such a question is usually asked when a young person, usually a teenager, is engaging in destructive or self-destructive behavior, and if a parent was more involved in their life, they could possibly curb such behavior, but that doesn’t apply to me. I think this falls into the list of top five stupidest things anyone has ever said to me. I should have said “what makes you ask such as stupid question?”

    From here on out, if you ask me a stupid question, you might hear me say something like “that’s a fucking stupid question.” (instead of answering you) If you don’t want to be talked to in such a manner, than refrain from asking me stupid questions.