Random Thoughts Vol.4: Unfiltered Once Again

by mitchbrown7

*I really don’t understand when someone says “ I don’t know what I’m trying to say.” A former co-worker once said those words to me, and I responded with “it must not be that important.” I can’t wrap my mind around such a thing: because everything I see, feel, or experience I can summarize and tell you about it, either in written form or verbal form. Mike said my ability to to do this is because I’m so linguistically oriented. He told me I think of things in terms of words. How else would you think of things? In bleeps and beeps like R2D2?

I also can’t fathom what is going on in mind of someone who says they can’t explain how they feel. When I hear that, I just assume they are mentally deficient in some respect. Also, very rarely do I fumble with words. When someone does, I just want to yell SPIT IT OUT, DUMBASS, and I really don’t understand when someone tries to articulate a thought or statement and does a shitty job of it. I think my lack of understanding about such shit is related to the way I think and process information.

The people who stumble and fumble with what they are trying to say are formulating what they are going to say when the mouth starts moving. I’ve already thought about what I’m going to say and how I’m going to say it before my the words come out of my mouth. Mike said my efficiency in proverbial combat comes from how linguistically oriented I am. I’m able to embarrass the fuck out of someone for saying something stupid without even raising my voice. If, and when I can, I will proceed to poke holes in an argument until it’s deflated. Mike said when I do this it’s with an equal mix of elegance and brutality.

For some reason, I’m often able to easily understand foreigners who speak English with a heavy accent. Depending on how good their English is, like ninety percent of the time, a thick accent doesn’t get in the way of me understanding what they’ve said. Mike said it’s because I pay attention to every word that comes out of someone’s mouth.

*Any type of reward, pleasure, or comfort that is proceeded by discomfort automatically intensifies the feeling of the reward/comfort. Let’s just say I get caught in a heavy downpour walking home from somewhere. It’s windy; it’s really pouring down, starting to storm. Let’s just say it takes me 10 minutes to get back home. When I open the door and set foot in my apartment, it will feel like the greatest relief in the world at that moment.