Fuck Modern Pop-Culture, Fuck Television

by mitchbrown7

When I hear someone babel on about some meaningless, mindless pop-culture bullshit, particularly TV shows, I feel a sense of liberation in that I usually have no idea what and who they are talking about. It feels like I’ve escaped the Matrix.( and I didn’t even like that movie) I’m so disgusted by most examples of modern pop-culture, I’ve made a deliberate effort to remove it from my life. I’m so out of the loop with most of this shit, because I’ve chosen to be. I’ve never seen a full episode of the Bachelorette, Glee, Desperate Housewives, the Real House Wives of.(insert whatever city) When someone starts talking about movies like the Hangover, Superbad or Pineapple Express, I get up on my high horse and proudly state “ I don’t watch stupid shit like that.”

 My opposition to these programs is not due to depictions of sex, violence, drug use, or an exploitative nature of reality TV: it’s in relation to how fucking stupid these shows are, completely geared towards the lowest common denominator. Most stuff with mass appeal is; otherwise it wouldn’t be able to sell on a mass level. Most people are stupid ,or at least of only average intelligence; the existence of a bell curve regarding the measuring of IQ proves that. Intellectualism is not marketable to most people: the very nature of intellectualism will leave the average mind isolated from it and unable to understand.  Evidence of a society in mental decline and a state of devolution is partially taken from my observation of pop-culture. It’s like TV has gotten dumber.

 I honestly don’t see the appeal of this shit. In 2010, when Jersey Shore had seemingly reached the height of its popularity, I had yet to see a single episode. I heard so many people talking about it all the time, talking about how so-so acts like Ronnie, or how someone in class looks like Ronnie, people talking about Snooki and the Situation. I didn’t get it. (maybe because I hadn’t seen it) It was a fucking reality show. I would have thought that well would have run dry by now. I’m not saying that I thought reality TV would disappear, but I don’t see how a reality show about people clubbing, drinking, fucking, and drama became such a phenomenon. Haven’t we seen that before with the Real World? I finally got around to watching Jersey Shore for the first time this year. I watched one episode on MTV’s website, and that was enough. As I was watching it, I was thinking this is shit! It was nothing but mundane carnality, and this somehow became a runaway hit??

 What is the appeal? I took this question to my friend Mike, and he said people who are big fans of reality TV are people who were the gossips in high school. ( and never grew out of that stage) They are people who probably lead boring, mundane lives, so by watching this shit, they are able to live vicariously through the exploits of someone more interesting, more popular, better looking etc. etc. I think the popularity of Jersey Shore can be attributed to the return of the party life in pop-culture. With Jersey Shore, college kids see a lifestyle that might bear some resemblance to their own, or one they can easily replicate. Furthermore, what I also fail to understand is when people talk about celebrities and reality TV show stars as if they have a personal relationship or connection with these people. The only people actually personally affected by what a superstar is wearing at a red carpet premiere would be designers like Vera Wang, maybe Joan and Melissa Rivers, and the actual celebrity wearing the dress. If someone gets emotionally worked up in response to what a celeb is wearing or someone being voted off of a reality TV show, I have to question the emotional stability of that person.

 The significance given to insignificant TV pop-culture nonsense is all part of a larger plan. It’s called subterfuge. It directly benefits certain people in power to have a mass population whose minds are focused on the irrelevant. The Roman emperors gave the plebeian class bread and circuses to keep them pacified. Today, people are given American Idol and Jersey Shore, but the result is the same