The Return Of La Coka Nostra

by mitchbrown7

If you think Eminem, Mac Lethal, and Mac Miller are the only white rappers with skill, you are sadly mistaken. May I point you in the direction of La Coka Nostra, LCN, this dope thing of ours. If you are an underground hip-hop head, you already know who they are, more than just another rap clique: LCN is a super group, a clothing line, and a world-wide movement, a movement to bring that rah-rah grit back to hip-hop. The music of La Coka Nostra is about as far removed from the glitzy auto-tune bullshit that now dominates the charts as you could get.

 I had the privilege of seeing them at the Beaumont in Kansas City,MO  in 2009. It was a hip-hop show, but there was crowd surfing and moshing galore. They go so hard on stage, it provokes that type of response. My show-going days of my late teens were spent in the punk scene, and LCN had a stage presence that equally rivaled the best hardcore and punk bands I saw in my youth.

Originally the core of the group became Big Left, Slaine, Ill Bill, Danny Boy O’Connor, Everlast, and DJ Lethal.(House Of Pain) Big Left left the  immediate lineup, but is still part of the extended family and drops the occasional verse with LCN. It turns out LCN have a new album that is due out the end of this month. Everlast isn’t on this one, but he hasn’t severed ties. LCN released a statement saying that Everlast is not on this album or touring at this time because his daughter has cystic fibrosis, and that’s a more pressing matter, but there is a chance he could again perform and record with LCN sometime in the future. The new La Coka Nostra album, Masters of the Dark Arts is due in stores July 31st Usually, I’m only psyched up about a few albums a year, and this year, just like in 2009, it’s La Coka Nostra.