A Few Words On Vinnie Paz

by mitchbrown7

I guess Vinnie Paz is due to have a new album, entitled God Of The Serengeti, out on October 23rd of this year. The video above is the first video from the album. I still constantly play his last solo album “Season Of The Assassin.” I once told a friend he should check out Jedi Mind Tricks and Vinnie Paz. He then asked “who is, is it cool?” I said “Yeah, it’s really cool: he’s a white Italian Muslim from Philadelphia. My friend responded with “Oh, I’ve gotta hear that.”

When I first heard Jedi Mind Tricks’ “Servants In Heaven,Kings In Hell” album I was blown away. Both Vinnie’s identity and lyrics were like nothing I had ever heard before. A complexity and duality is prevalent in his lyrics, as gun talk and thug talk meshes with theology and a historical knowledge of the ancient world. Like KRS-ONE and Chuck D, Vinnie Paz is a true street scholar. Vinnie Paz represents the polar opposite of the mainstream swag rap. Sure, you can feel free to listen to Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Drake, and Waka  Flocka, but that type of stuff doesn’t even exist in my world. I’m too busy listening to Paz. Hip-Hop isn’t dead:people like Vinnie Paz are helping to keep it on life support. 


                                                                                                                                                                      Vinnie Paz-one of the coldest to ever hold a microphone