Words Of Wisdom From the Mouth Of Boyd Rice(some of my favorite Boyd Rice Quotes)

by mitchbrown7



The will to label will always prevail over what’s being labeled,
usually at the expense of either truth or understanding”

“I’ve never been a believer in equality. When I was a child I was an elitist because I felt I was more intelligent than my peers. I could clearly see people around me who were just unaware of a lot of things happening in life. It ingrained a feeling of elitism in me. I know the score, and most people really don’t. With all the people harping about egalitarianism, I started thinking nobody’s equal.You can’t find two dogs that are equal. If you get two worms, one of the worms might be stronger than the other worm.This is true throughout the entire fabric of nature. Why should we assume it’s different with people?”

” When you really love life and love yourself, you have to exercise control. You have to use discrimination. To me this means knowing what things are in your favor and what things aren’t, and then acting on that knowledge. This can be as simple as merely realizing that some people aren’t smart and some are stupid, and some are weak, and some are strong. I know this to be true. And I know that if I associate with people who are stupid and weak the quality of my life will be diminished and cheapened. So I act accordingly. And my life is a thousand times better because of it. If I were a misguided idealist and considered every human being a worthwhile individual, I couldn’t enjoy the sort of quality existence I have now. That’s very basic and simplistic, but judging by a lot of people I’ve seen, most people have lost sight of such an idea.”

When you divorcee the concept of love from the organic laws of life, it becomes a meaningless abstraction. It ceases to fulfill its’ natural function, and it becomes something malignant instead. In Africa for centuries, it has been considered an act of love to take weak or unhealthy babies and toss them to the gators. To me, that makes perfect sense. But if a black mother leaves a crack baby in a garbage dumpster to die a merciful death, she’s slammed into jail. It’s the same love, but what seems reasonable in a more natural environment seems barbaric in an environment as unnatural as the one in which we’re living today.

There are a lot of people out there who think that I am their worst enemy, and I don’t even care if these people exist.

“I think Christianity is sort of a slave creed that is out in the world to fulfill a really specific function. I think that certain people need that creed, it keeps them in line and gives their life some sort of direction or order, and if they didn’t have it they’d put all that energy into something else equally misguided or unfocused.”


“Don’t shrink from natures brutal perfection. Take joy in it. Embrace it. Understand it and revel in it. Respect it’s strength, it’s wisdom, it’s brutality and it’s all-encompassing power. The highest law has always been, and shall be, nature; and the greatest wisdom forever lives in and through nature’s eternal Fascism.”