Dublin Social Club Tattoo Marathon Coming Soon

by mitchbrown7

Something big is getting ready to happen in Warrensburg. A 24 hour tattoo marathon will go down at the Dublin Social Club on September 20. It starts when the clock strikes midnight. The Dublin Social Club has been open for less than a year, though some tattooists from the shop worked at the now defunct Living Art tattoo studio, hence the 6 year anniversary. I’m not quite sure what to expect with the event, but I have a hunch it will be something special.

The following is an interview I did with Tony Madrid, tattoo artist and owner of the Dublin Social Club.   DSC_Flier

Promises:How did you come up with the idea to do a 24 hour tattoo marathon? What is the inspiration behind it? I have never heard of such a thing being done in this area or anywhere else.

Tony: To be honest the idea was hatched by Kody and Damin, and I’m not 100% sure that I won’t kill them before the 24 hour marathon is over. Basically the gauntlet has been thrown, so now it’s a challenge to make it through with a smile for the entire 24.

Promises: How exactly will such a grand undertaking be possible, lots of coffee or cans of Monster? Will you personally be working for 24 hours straight? Or will a rotating lineup of tattooists be working on September 20th?

Tony: We are thinking about rotating. I don’t ever get to sleep til about 4 or 5 in the morning anyways. The fact that we have a small apartment in the back of the shop will let a tired artist go catch a nap if needed. Tara will be out on maternity leave, so there will be 4 of us manning the show. I’m sure there will be lots of caffeine involved.

Promises:  One of the most eye-catching things about the flier that is decorating Facebook walls was the mention of 20 dollar tattoos.

Normally, if someone offered me a 20 dollar tattoo, I would have to say no. I was once told that regarding ink you get what you pay for, and a lower price equals lower quality, but being familiar with the caliber of your work and the work of your staff, I know that won’t be the case.

My guess is the 20 dollar tattoos will be quality artwork at a bargain price. What are the stipulations for these ? Can the customers get anything? Or do they have to pick from a specific set of designs/flash?

What can customers look forward to other than 20 dollar tattoos? I noticed there will also be a zombie grab bag, door prizes, and a raffle drawing for a free tattoo. How will all of this go down?

Also,will the 24 tattoo marathon have some type of horror theme? (I couldn’t help but notice the EC Comics/Tales From The Crypt/Haunt Of Fear styled flier and the mention of a “zombie grab bag.”)

Tony: The “Horror” theme is just me in general. To me, nothing beats a good B movie and a great beer. We will be doing regular tattooing as well as the $20 designs for the 24 hours.

The $20 tattoo will be from a page of designs we are all working on. We did it a few years back on Halloween with $31 tattoos. It is basically just a way of saying thank you to all our customers. Rather it’s $20 or $2000 tattoo, the artist’s name is still behind that tattoo, so it’s always quality first.

There will be food and drinks right at the start until it’s gone. We will be giving away a door prize every hour on the hour, and we are still adding to the event as we come up with it.

A pajama contest is already in the works ;that might be a horror show in itself, and we are thinking about a scavenger hunt as well. This thing will probably just keep growing until the day of the event. None of this would be possible without the staff we currently have. All of the guys and gals are excited about this, and we are looking forward to making it memorable. The zombie grab bag will be awesome because even if you don’t win one of the great prizes associated with it you will still get your very own tiny zombie for free!!!

Promises:  On the flier, the event is marked as a 6 year anniversary, but the Dublin Social Club opened its doors in December of 2012. I know that prior to owning and running your current shop, you had another tattoo shop called Living Art. Could you explain about the shutting down of Living Art and the opening of the Dublin Social Club? , and how have things changed since you’ve closed Living Art and opened the Dublin Social Club. Have you seen an increase in business?

Tony: The changes are endless really when comparing the two shops. Living Art was opened with more than one person involved, and it never really lived up to its full potential.

The Dublin Social Club is mine alone and has all the touches that make it uniquely mine. The Dublin Social Club would not even exist if not for the encouragement and tremendous help from my best friend Alan Joyner, who always pushes me to strive for more in many ways.

We got rid of all the “flash” and only do custom work now ,as well as providing a much more comfortable environment at the new shop. I think the reception of the new place has been good from all of our customers that remember the old Living Art days. We have added new features, like complimentary beverages while you’re getting tattooed as well as an art gallery to enjoy while you wait.

The new location has been phenomenal. The extra visibility has been great, and being able to participate in the downtown events, such as the First Friday art walks have been fun. Not only have we seen an increase in business but a whole new clientele as well.

Promises: What type of responses do you expect from the public about this event? And what can they expect?

Tony:  You never can really tell. We have had small events before that bring a lot of people, and we have had huge events that didn’t have enough people. We hope that we will have a good showing, and the only thing you can really expect is the unexpected. It will be one crazy night for sure. We will be broadcasting random events throughout the night via Facebook at facebook.com/centraltattoo as well, so there will definitely be some surprises.

Promises: What are the chances of the 24 hour tattoo marathon becoming an annual event?

Tony: We always have an event for our anniversary, but depending on how smooth this 24 hour thing goes, and how everybody holds up, I wouldn’t mind doing it again. For us, it’s all about having fun and giving back to the community that has kept us in business for 6 years now. We truly appreciate them, so anytime we can all have a little fun together it’s even better.


  Remember, 24 hour tattoo marathon happens at The Dublin Social Club,located on 126 North Holden Street in Warrensburg, MO, on Sep.20,