Reel Wolf Presents “the Underworld” (THIS IS NUCLEAR HOT FIRE!!!!)

Hip-hop/ rap is not dead–it just resides in the underground, independently.

I’m repelled by the mainstream, swag-fag, autotune, pop-shit like Dracula to garlic or a crucifix.

Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, and Drake are garbage to me. You couldn’t pay me to download that bullshit.

But this, this video/song is an example of what I like to hear in hip-hop. It’s one of the sickest posse cuts I have ever heard, a platoon of underground heavy-hitters going in bar after bar and verse after verse.

A common conversation among hip-hip heads is who should collaborate with who, who would you like to hear together on a track, and when two, or more, MCs are on a song together and their flows create some type of synergy, see Ill Bill and Vinnie Paz, (Heavy Metal Kings) it often sounds like some type of magic. And the type of vibe on this track is magic of the darkest variety possible.

The imagery and lyrics would make many mainstream fans recoil, suicide by drinking every day cleaning chemicals, smoking a joint with pages from the Bible, Vinnie Paz playing Russian roulette, and Ill Bill even works an Aleister Crowley quote into his verse! I eat this stuff up like candy. Not everyday can be a sunny day, and I think music, art, literature, and movies can and should reflect a spectrum of emotions.

So many styles, cliques, labels, and groups are represented in this one song, La Coaka Nostra, D-12, Strange Music , Army of the Pharaohs, and so and so forth, and all of it meshes together perfectly, from Vinnie Paz’s gruff bulldozer-like flow to Tech N9ne’s┬áverbal gymnastics.